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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Royal Safety Sense Security Services, Inc.?
When uncertain conditions affect the business and industrial world, the challenge of providing effective security to a fast-changing environment increases. Meeting this challenge will require a quality-oriented outfit that of which Royal Safety Sense Security Services, Inc. can provide.

How does Royal Safety Sense Security Services, Inc. select its guards?
We select the right guard by carefully screening and conducting thorough background investigations. This process includes authenticating the submitted documents and records of the guards. On top of these, the guards are made to undergo psychological tests.

What does a qualified recruit of Royal Safety Sense Security Services, Inc. go through upon selection?
Our qualified recruits go through rigorous training to be able to excellently respond to both routine and emergency situations. Then they must quality by delivering the basic task-related duty assignment, operation of security equipment and the response required in all security incidents.

How can Royal Safety Sense Security Services, Inc. assure its clients of a professional security service that is effective, honest, courteous and personalized?
Having over 20 years in experience in the Security Services Industry, we have remained steadfast to our Core Values. We instill in all our employees the values of professionalism and excellent customer service. This is superbly coupled with out excellent facilities, and equipment such as PNP-required firearms, well-maintained transportation equipment and highly-reliable radio communication facilities operated by our very own trained and quick-acting professional personnel.

In addition, our training facilities also include audio-visual, hands-on and programmed learning aids which provide all our personnel with the proper training necessary in tailor-fitting services to all our clients’ specific needs. Lastly, all of the above are closely overseen by a dynamic and proactive management

Is a ‘no employer-employee relationship’ established with the client?
A ‘no employer-employee relationship’ is established with the client because we remain as an independent contractor. We believe in investing in our personnel and make sure all Government-mandated requirements and benefits are paid and updated. We are very particular in implementing strict protocols as well as in the enforcement of existing labor laws and legislation including Social Security, PhilHealth, State Insurance and Retirements benefits.

Should clients of Royal Safety Sense Services, Inc. worry and take chances?
With the Royal Safety Sense Services, Inc.’s concept of Total Security, clients are not taking chances. Instead, you will feel secured and protected from the day-to-day security problems as we absorb for your losses and damages. You are free from administrative and financial problems of an organic or company-organized security force.

When is Royal Safety Sense Services, Inc. available?
The Royal Safety Sense Services, Inc. is available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, including Sundays and legal holidays.

What is the Royal Safety Sense Services, Inc.’s key to quality guard service?
The key to quality guard service emanates from the fact that there is perfect Synergy among the owners who continuously extend their support; the Management which plans and ensures the attainment of the Agency’s goals; the
Operations Group which ably implements the Agency’s deliverables to its clients; the various Admin Units which provide critical support as regards recruitment, deployment, logistics and other HR matters to operations; and , last but not the least, the Finance Group which ensures and facilitates financial-concern matters of the Agency Personnel, most especially the Premium guards. Added to the above is the very good and business support and rapport we maintain with the clients.